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  • only$9.95
  • Identity & SSN Verification
  • Single Statewide Criminal Check
  • Statewide Sex Offender Check


  • only $19.95
  • Credit Report w\ Score
  • Identity & SSN Verification
  • Nationwide Criminal Check
  • National Sex Offender Check
  • Terrorist Watch List


  • only $29.95
  • Credit Report w\ Score
  • Identity & SSN Verification
  • Nationwide Criminal Check
  • National Sex Offender Check
  • Address History w\ Evictions
  • Judgment Check
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Tax Lien Check
  • Terrorist Watch List

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  • Developed forLandlords
  • Easy 24/7 online ordering and results
  • Instant criminal background checks
  • Credit report with scores
  • Access to 1-hour results
  • Site inspection required
  • No signup, or monthly fees
  • Online compliance signup
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About TenaScan

TenaScan is one of the best tenant screening sites in the business. With over 30 years' experience in the background check industry, and backed by the best data available, TenaScan provides tenant screening reports that are necessary for property managers and landlords of all sizes. With three quality products to choose from, you can be sure that you will receive the right information for your needs.

By providing the most pertinent tenant decision making information in an easy to read format, we can help to ensure that you make the proper selections. As we often say "one wrong tenant can cost you money". Since its inception, TenaScan has been protecting landlords and property managers from painful evictions, unpaid rent and high vacancies. With our easy to use online system, you'll be able to screen applicants quickly and easily to get your rentals filled with quality tenants in no time.

Most of our results are returned instantly, but credit reports can be delayed for some first-time customers. If you are a midsized landlord or larger property manager, the best way for you to receive the fastest turn-around on credit reports would be to register with a business account with credit report access. Once approved, your future orders will go much more smoothly. We apologize for the inconvenience, but as you have probably discovered, credit agency restrictions require a lot of compliance verifications and red tape. TenaScan has been approved as a credit report vendor and has simplified this process for you, removing most of the verification hurdles and all of the storage compliance requirements.

If you are a small landlord, it is not always easy to get credit reports on potential tenants. Due to credit agency restrictions, the line between acceptable use and not can be a blurry one. TenaScan has partnered with multiple providers to ensure that everyone who needs a credit report can receive one, without the hassle of compliance hoops and verification checks.

We think you will be so happy with our screening services, that you’ll wonder how you did without us for so long. To get started, simply select from one of the three packages from above. We recommend our Ultimate package, because it is probably the most thoroughly assembled tenant screening report you will find. Our Ultimate report provides address and evictions histories along with Judgment, Tax Lien and Bankruptcy checks to help make sure that your rent gets paid consistently and on time. For other landlords, our Basic or Premium reports will be sufficient. Please take the time to balance the pros and cons of each before selecting the package that best suits your specific needs.

Again, we would like to thank you for choosing TenaScan for your tenant screening needs. When we package the best data, years of industry experience, an easy to use online interface, instant, detailed and easy to read results along with the best pricing available, we think it’s easy to see why TenaScan is the best source for your reports.

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