Accounts for Tenant Screening

TenaScan offers two types of account access to our product lines:

Non-Credit Access Account

  • Instant registration and access
  • Easy 24/7 online ordering and results
  • Instant criminal background checks
  • No signup, or monthly fees
  • No compliance requirements
  • Start running checks in minutes
  • Does not allow access to credit reports
  • Packages/Pricing

Credit Access Account

  • Account must be approved for credit report access
  • Requires site inspection and compliance review
  • Instant Criminal Background Checks
  • Access to Credit Reports with Scores
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • Account setup within 24 hours
  • Packages/Pricing

In addition, every Tenant Background Report you order is insured to be hand inspected by one of our bonded researchers for accuracy and compliance with Federal, State and Industry Standards. All with the TenaScan Price Guarantee.

No other Screening Company can match our pricing, with this level of accuracy, products and hand checked results.

Please use the link below, or Contact Us with any questions.

The easiest way to do business with TenaScan is to register a business account. We offer two types of accounts: accounts with credit reporting access and accounts without credit reporting access. Apart from the credit report, all of our other tenant screening products remain the same and available to anyone.

While we would like to be able to offer credit reporting access to everyone, these reports require certain verification before they are allowed for distribution. If you don’t meet the requirements, don’t worry. For those that don’t qualify for credit reports through our interface, we have partnered with an outside firm to ensure that anyone who wants a credit report can receive one.

In order to qualify for credit report access through our system, you must be an established business entity with at least one office location which is separated from your primary residence. This may disqualify some individuals who, because of the economy, have been forced to rent out homes they have not been able to sell. We apologize for the inconvenience, and please know that credit report access requirements are not our decision. We still believe that individuals should receive as much decision making information as possible when screening their potential tenants – if not more so. We know that it is vital you qualify the proper tenant for your rental. That’s why we can still offer you credit reports through another process. If you don’t qualify for the account with credit report access, please register for the non-credit report access and our 1-2-3 search process will automatically take this into account.

If, however, you are an established business with physical offices outside of your residency, then please do register for an account with credit report access. Our registration process is quick and easy and will have you running your reports in minutes, without further interruption.