• only$9.95
  • Identity & SSN Verification
  • Single Statewide Criminal Check
  • Statewide Sex Offender Check


  • only $19.95
  • Credit Report w\ Score
  • Identity & SSN Verification
  • Nationwide Criminal Check
  • National Sex Offender Check
  • Terrorist Watch List


  • only $29.95
  • Credit Report w\ Score
  • Identity & SSN Verification
  • Nationwide Criminal Check
  • National Sex Offender Check
  • Address History w\ Evictions
  • Judgment Check
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Tax Lien Check
  • Terrorist Watch List

Tenascan offers three levels of tenant screening report to satisfy the needs of our customers: Basic, Premium and Ultimate. Below, we will break down the various reports and provide further insight into their uses.

Basic Report

The Basic report is primarily geared toward the landlord who requires the minimal amount of tenant screening information in order to make their decision. It does not include a credit report, but it does help to verify the identity of the applicant and ensure that they do not have a criminal background or are listed on a sex offender list.

Premium Report

Our Premium report enhances the Basic report with the addition of a credit report and score. For those landlords who desire a more thorough review of their potential tenant’s financial situation, the credit report provides insight into how that person manages their finances and if they are a good risk for on-time rent payments. This report also includes everything the Basic report does, to ensure the safety of the neighborhood and reduce your liability as a landlord. In addition, the Premium report expands on the criminal record search coverage … performing a nationwide search as opposed to the statewide search provided in the Basic report.

Ultimate Report

The Ultimate package is by far our most thorough and popular set of reports. It includes everything the Premium package has but goes further to provide additional financial insight and tenant history. For those landlords who truly want to protect their investment and ensure a quality tenant, the Ultimate package provides a look at that potential tenant’s rental address and evictions history. If they frequently jump from place to place or have been frequently subjected to eviction, this report should indicate it. On top of that, bankruptcy, tax lien and judgment checks have been added to see if that application has any financial liabilities that might take precedent over your rent check.

Tenant Credit Report

Tenacheck provides a single bureau Credit Report with Score
Permissible purpose waiver must be signed online.
Signed Authorization from Applicant must be provided.
Turn around time is 1 to 2 hours.